Halloween Trick or Treat Cups

Halloween Trick or Treat Cups

This Halloween, things are likely going to be a bit different, but we can still celebrate and make sure the kids aren't missing out! 
These cups are great for gifts for your kids, party favors for the people in your circle who you might gather with, or even a great option to hand out to any possible trick or treaters!
Made in a clean, virus free environment, you can be confident that those you're gifting these to will be safe and protected, and avoid the concerns of everyone digging into the same bowl of candy, and having your child's treats handled by a bunch of strangers. Instead, these are handled by me and me alone. ๐Ÿ˜Š
They can come filled with any treat option you'd like, from candy of all kinds, freshly made cotton candy, locally made gourmet popcorn, mini donuts, and so much more! We also can accomodate candy-free options as well! Anything you'd like. And the options for Halloween toppers are all shown in the last picture.

Please specify in the notes what topper(s) you would like, and what you would like your cup(s) filled with!

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